EXTREME CURL MOUSSE Bring out your inner “foxy” with this curl boosting mega-mousse. Curls have more fun! Fragrance: Flirty Fruity Fusion / Retail Size: 8.45 fl. oz.   WHAT IT DOES Support factor: 4-5 Maintains shap

CONTOUR CREAM Control your curls and fight the frizz. Fragrance: Flirty Fruity Fusion / Retail Size: 6.76 fl. oz.   WHAT IT DOES Support factor: 2-3 Controls frizz Encourages and supports curls Resists humidity Adds sh

CURL RECALL CREAM Reform rebellious curls into soft and defined ringlets. Our curl recall technology instantly reforms, ensuring curls spring back into shape with just one scrunch. Fragrance: Sweet Pink / Retail Size: 4.22 fl. oz.  

98% HUMIDITY DEFYING STRAIGHTENING CREAM Superstar thermosetting polymers power this high performance hot iron cream. For 48 hour serious, serious straight, even in 98% humidity. Fragrance: Sunshine Yuzu / Retail Size: 4 fl. oz.   WH

SMOOTHING CREAM FOR SILKY, SHINY, HEALTHY LOOKING HAIR! The perfect party favor. After-Party hair creme for silky, smooth, shiny, healthy looking hair. Control the funky flyaways and silk-ify your hair. Fragrance: Fruit Medley / Retail Size: 3.

Smart stuff for Dumb Blondes! Shine, defrizz, and add the perfect finishing touch. Created by blondes for blondes and all the colours in between! Fragrance: Papaya / Retail Size: 1.69 fl. oz.   WHAT IT DOES Smoothes cuticle Fights

GOLDEN ILLUMINATING SHINE CREAM This high shine golden cream will blow your mind. Fight fly aways and get super shiny glossy hair - the perfect party companion for a big night out. Fragrance: Fruit Fantasy / Retail Size: 3.4 US FL. OZ. 100 ml

SPLIT END MENDER/ LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER Boost that ego and save your hair. This split End mender/ Leave-In Conditioner mends and protects dry, damaged hair from environmental elements, chemical treatments, shampoos and brushing.   WHAT I

FRIZZ CONTROL AND STRAIGHTENER Fights the frizz and stomps the curl. This light, greaseless & humidity resistant formula delivers a straight-up glossy finish. Fragrance: Pineapple / Retail Size: 9 fl. oz.   WHAT IT DOES Suppor

SHINE ADRENALINE WITH A SUPERFINE MIST A lightweight aerosol supershine mist that gives explosive shine for immaculate, healthy looking hair. Fragrance: Light Citrus / Retail Size: 5.3 fl. oz.   WHAT IT DOES Leaves hair smooth, si

THERMAL BLOWDRY LOTION FOR THICK MASSIVE HAIR Superstar is a thermal blow dry lotion that pumps up volume to unbelievable heights. Fragrance: Citrus Berry / Retail Size: 8.45 fl. oz.   WHAT IT DOES Support Factor: 1 Thickening

3-IN-1 THICKIFIER, ENERGIZER, STYLIZER Blah, blah, blah. Thickifier – adds body and volume. Energizer – gives life to limp hair. Stylizer – defines, separates and controls. Fragrance: Blueberry / Retail Size: 8 fl. oz. &nbs

THICKENING SPRAY Feel like a queen, look like a Superstar!! Get volume, body and lift that just won’t quit!! Fragrance: Berry Medley / Retail Size: 10.2 fl. oz.   WHAT IT DOES Support factor: 1 Thickening factor: 3

TEXTURIZING PASTE Playin’ hard to get has never been so easy! Light matte, separated hold gets a pieced out look that’s totally off the hook! Fragrance: Watermelon / Retail Size: 1.5 fl. oz.   WHAT IT DOES Support Fact

A FUNKY GUNK THAT ROCKS Be a Master Manipulator. Get whacked-out hair – spike, twist dreads or go punky. More mainstream? Get body and texture. Fragrance: Coconut / Retail Size: 2 fl. oz.   WHAT IT DOES Support factor: 3

A HAIR STICK FOR COOL PEOPLE A hair stick for cool people. Instantly creates texture and hold. Fragrance: Lavender / Retail Size: 2.7 fl. oz.   WHAT IT DOES Support factor: 4 Texture factor: 5 Separated or spiky with a semi-

ROCKING GEL POMADE Get into the current mood for rock’n’roll with NEW Up Front Rocking Gel Pomade. Designed to create sleek, shiny, sculpted quiffs, as well as any styles that require great shine and hold, without the sticky business.&

INVISIBLE MICRO-TEXTURE ROOT POWDER A quick fix for your style addiction! Sprinkle into roots to absorb oil and to give fantastic root lift and texture. Can be applied through layers to give additional texture. Will give twice the amount of root l

MERINGUE STYLING PREP Start your style with this sweet treat! Apply throughout damp hair and blow dry for a long-lasting boost with hold, volume and texture Fragrance: Lemon Meringue Pie / Retail Size: 8.45 fl. oz.   WHAT IT DOES

BODIFYING SUGAR SPRAY Sweet Waves, shocking body! Mist into damp or dry hair for a tousled look or layer throughout for extreme texture, fullness and hold. Will pump up the volume. Fragrance: Pink Spun Sugar / Retail Size: 5.07 fl. oz.  

Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixations Glaze Haze Semi-Sweet Smoothing Hair Serum 2.03 oz | Styler, Finisher   What it does:- This sweet treat candy coats each strand to fight humidity, add shine, and help speed up drying time. Delicious Cr&e

HARD HOLD HAIRSPRAY Relentless hold and control – dries instantly! The more you use the harder it gets. Fragrance: Citrus berry / Retail Size: 10.6 fl. oz.   WHAT IT DOES Hold factor: 5 Holds any style Strong, flexible

MASSIVE SHINE HAIRSPRAY Turn your hair into a work of art that lasts all day! Massive shine, serious hold!! Voila! Fragrance: Tropical Berry / Retail Size: 9.5 fl. oz.   WHAT IT DOES Hold factor: 3 Holds any style Any hair l

MASSIVE HOLD HAIRSPRAY Quit your bitchin’! Use Maxxed-Out non-aerosol hairspray with P.M.S. complex (Pump. Massive. Style.). This quick drying unisex formula guarantees massive hold and super shine. Fragrance: Fresh / Retail Size: 8 fl. o

MATTE DRY SHAMPOO Scale new heights with über 60s beehives. This dry shampoo with super fine powder cleanses hair of the excess oils that weigh it down, to release massive body for sky high volume. Now rock that updo! Fragrance: Mila / Ret

RE-ENERGIZE SHAMPOO Urban antidote #1: work hard, play hard… that’s how you roll. Get yourself back to normal with a shine-enhancing shampoo that helps hydrate and moisturise. Re-energize tired hair and get your act together! Fragr

RE-ENERGIZE CONDITIONER Urban Antidote #1: put some oomph back into your tired, over-stimulated hair. Supercharged hydrating conditioner helps strengthen weak, blah hair giving it a rush of shine and health. Re-energize & get your act together

RECOVERY SHAMPOO Urban Antidote #2: you’ve dyed, you’ve fried, so take your dull hair to the bright side! Help moisture-deprived hair for a massive recovery. Let this potion help strengthen & shine your worn out locks. Fragrance

RECOVERY CONDITIONER Urban Antidote #2: drench moisture-deprived hair with a rush of hydration that gets stressed-out tresses back in action & on the road to recovery. You’ll be addicted to how stunning your hair looks! Fragrance: Goj

RESURRECTION SHAMPOO Urban Antidote #3: admitting is the first step! Face it…your hair needs some rehab. Let the hydration therapy begin. Bring weak & brittle hair back to life with this powerful moisture packed shampoo. Making a comeba

RESURRECTION CONDITIONER Urban Antidote #3: admitting is the first step! Bring dead-end hair back to life once and for all. Formula targets areas in most need of repair, giving your whacked out hair the revival it has been waiting for! Fragranc

HIGH OCTANE SHINE SHAMPOO This anti-oxidant rich shampoo removes pollutants, sweat and build up to reveal super reflective shine! Fragrance: Sweet orange, lemon, wild raspberry, grapefruit / Retail Size: 8.45 fl. oz.   WHAT IT DOES

HIGH OCTANE SHINE CONDITIONER This super charged conditioner, loaded with anti-oxidants and vitamins will give you dazzling results. Fragrance: Sweet orange, lemon, wild raspberry, grapefruit / Retail Size: 6.76 fl. oz.   WHAT IT DOE

THERAPY FOR CHEMICALLY TREATED HAIR Go back to your roots with Dumb Blonde™ pH balanced shampoo, with keratin and milk protein, to help reconstruct and care for chemically treated hair. Getting blondes back to their brilliant best.  

THERAPY FOR CHEMICALLY TREATED HAIR Transform over-processed and chemically treated hair. This moisturising reconstructor uses Protein Booster Technology™ to help restore the hair at its core, while conditioners, combined with milk extract a

WITH PURPLE TONING PIGMENT Blonde getting brassy? This specially-formulated shampoo is powered by violet toners to banish brassiness and brighten blonde hair, while cleansers and conditioners help  refresh, detangle and control frizz. Bed Hea

WITH PROTEIN BOOSTER TECHNOLOGY It's a hair miracle! This cocktail of repair actives and cool conditioners, helps protect your hair from heat, while violet toners fight brassiness and restore brightness to blonde hair. Bed Head® Colour Car

THERAPY FOR COLOURED HAIR Feed your colour addiction. Colour Goddess™ shampoo, with pro-vitamin B5 and essential nutrient vitamin E, cares for coloured hair and is infused with nourishing sweet almond oil, coconut oil and keratin, hair&rsquo

THERAPY FOR COLOURED HAIR Keep colour charged. Colour Goddess™ conditioner, infused with sweet almond oil, deposits a micro-layer of water repelling agents on the hair, without feeling heavy. This indulgent formula contains nourishing shea b

FOR COLOUR VIBRANCY Worried you're a wash out? Our miracle conditioning mask combines keratin, Provitamin B5 and penetrating oils with moisturising and conditioning ingredients that help smooth the cuticle and keep colour electric. Oil defence

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